The Poem of Unspeakable Horror

Sunlight in your bedroom wall
makes room safe and sound.
But moonless nights, (aren't they all)
Sure can hide Hellhound!
You slowly turn your head to peek,
behind that curtain dark and bleak.
There must be something lurking there
a hippogriff or a hungry bear!
No such luck, your guest tonight,
comes not from reality
no simple fright
Do you remember nights of yore
When strangler-slashers spilled the gore?
Or trying in vain to flee the house
Engulfed in flames,  lit up blouse?
But this is not a night of survival
it would be too easy to face such a rival.
no, your foe of this night of dread
will not leave your skin totally shred.
Instead you must fight for the ultimate goal
if you lose you forfeit your immortal soul
in dream you are seeking your beloved child
again this same funhouse, night after night.
I know it is my fault if she can't find home
it is this dark reason why alone I must roam
this carnival of horrors that my mistakes built
I will not survive this soul crushing guilt!  
The night grows dark,
silent amusment park
Blond hair of my daughter,
'Tis time for my slaughter.

Julkaissut JC

Sovereign Quantum Entity, Chief Astronomer and Doctor of Divinity. Looking for intelligent life in Terra. So far little to report.


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